Putting the Riverina first

Unlike some of the major parties, The Nationals have a strong tradition of members putting their electorate before their party. During her time as our local member Kay Hull continually put the Riverina first, crossing the floor to vote against the sale of Telstra, opposing the sale of Snowy Hydro, lobbying for the Coolac bypass and duplication of the Hume Highway and fighting for the extension of Exceptional Circumstances to drought affected growers and businesses in the region.

Michael will continue Kay's commitment to the Riverina, and will always put the interests of this region first.

The next member for Riverina will need to take a stand on such matters as the federal takeover of the Murray-Darling basin and the restoration of an orderly marketing arrangement to protect our small wheat growers. These issues go to the very heart of our way of life and could affect the viability of our towns and smaller communities. The Riverina needs a representative who will put local communities before big business and environmental concerns.

Cristy Houghton