NSW farmers cut short in flood fund

"I am appalled that the Prime Minister has waited this long to answer the plight of flood affected victims throughout NSW," said Mr McCormack.

"Not only is it overdue, but it seems NSW farmers and small business affected by floods are not as important as their Queensland counterparts who have been offered a more reasonable $25,000.

"Compared to Queensland's grants of up to $25,000, the $15,000 is a disappointing figure and will not supply adequate relief.

The Prime Minister has also failed to mention any additional forms of assistance such as Exceptional Circumstances and a much-needed one-off program to ensure these producers will be able to put next year's crop in the ground.

"This long-awaited financial assistance for flooded farmers and small businesses will come as a great relief for many, yet it is unfair that the Government has not been able to offer equal assistance to those affected by this natural disaster.

"This is not to say that Queenslanders do not deserve this much needed assistance, but regional NSW have been left a huge $10,000 short."

Cristy Houghton