ANZAC booklets keepsake

ANZAC Day is our most important national day and instils all the best qualities which make it great to be Australian: courage, dedication, determination and, above all else, mateship.

Over the decades many outstanding wartime heroes have hailed from the Riverina, a region which has given so much in various conflicts in pursuit of the peaceful lifestyle we now take for granted.

This is why Wagga Wagga is the home of the soldier and an important training and strategic base both the RAAF and Navy.

This is why so many centres within the region have grand monuments and memorials dedicated to all who served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

To mark ANZAC Day 2011, I have produced four commemorative booklets highlighting the importance of 25 April, in the past, now and into the future.

These glossy, eight-page books cover the Irrigation Areas, South West Slopes, Snowy Mountains and Wagga Wagga and Districts of the Riverina.

These will be posted to households leading up to ANZAC Day.

Each household will receive a copy relevant to their area.

If anyone would like a copy of all four booklets as a keepsake, limited copies are available at either my Wagga Wagga or Griffith offices.

Cristy Houghton