The problem is Labor, not the Leader: McCormack

The latest leadership conflict has done nothing more than confirm faceless men are running the Labor Party and an election is needed soon according to Nationals’ Member for Riverina Michael McCormack.
“This is a Government which cares more about internal factions and egos than it does about the issues of most importance to every day Australians; job security and the cost of living,” Mr McCormack said.
“Australian families are struggling to make ends meet as it is.
“With grocery prices increasing and electricity and gas bills rising, the last thing the people of this country need is a dysfunctional Government.
“It does not matter who is Labor’s Leader, the main problem is not with the person at the top it is with Labor’s policies.
“All this Government has represented is poor leadership and lack of direction and it is proving this by yet another fight over who will be the next captain of an already sinking ship.”
The Coalition has a positive plan for the future with real policies which will help the people of Australia not hinder, Mr McCormack said.
“Who ever wins Monday’s spill should do the right thing and give a vote to the people and there by call an election.”

Cristy Houghton