Carbon Tax hits every Australian

Nationals’ Member for Riverina Michael McCormack says the release of the Government’s carbon tax hit list confirms it will hit the pocket of every Australian.

The list shows the major electricity companies will pay the bulk of the carbon tax, and this will flow directly to people’s electricity bills.

“New South Wales families and business will pay an average 16 per cent increase in their electricity bills with half being attributed to the carbon tax,” Mr McCormack said.

“These increases are a major blow to families and businesses already struggling with increasing costs of living.”

The Government has been claiming it would be just the top 500 polluters who would have to pay the carbon tax. This number has been slashed to 248 and will also include Wagga Wagga City Council, VISY Pulp and Paper, Snowy Hydro Company and JBS Australia Pty Limited.

The Wagga Wagga City Council said it has already budgeted $660,000 to meet the costs of carbon emitted from its Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.

Mr McCormack said “this is rate-payers’ money and should be spent on fixing pot holes, library books, new kids playground equipment and any other number of worthwhile projects rather than sending money offshore to purchase carbon credits.”

This is yet another lie from the Labor Government which cannot seem to keep its word on anything it tells the Australian people.

 “Labor claims families will be compensated for the price impact of its carbon tax but a tax cut to compensate for a tax increase is not a cut, it’s a con,” Mr McCormack said.

The compensation will not be enough to outweigh the extra costs Australians will be hit with because of the carbon tax. On the Government’s own figures three million Australians will be worse off under the carbon tax.
“The longer this tax is in place the worse the consequences will be for the economy, jobs and families.

 “This is a flawed policy which fails to achieve the objective of reducing emissions.”

Cristy Houghton