Boat people compared to Griffith population

The number of illegal boat arrivals since Labor took office has today been compared with Griffith’s population.
In a Page 2 article in The Daily Telegraph, headed “Labor’s boat people would fill this City” it was stated the number of asylum seekers now rivalled the number of people who live in Griffith.
The report stated that since Labor was elected in 2007 more than 17,000 people and crew have been intercepted on boats bound for Australia.

Nationals’ Member for Riverina Michael McCormack said whilst the comparison was interesting it wasn’t entirely correct as the population of the City of Griffith is in fact 22,000, excluding the villages around the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area capital.
“However, given Labor’s poor record on protecting our shores, no doubt the number of illegal boat arrivals will soon pass Griffith’s population,” Mr McCormack said.
“This is a Government which has failed on so many levels but particularly on protecting our borders.
“When the Howard Government left office there were only four people in detention centres in Australia who had arrived illegally by boat and now that number is around 5500 as well as another 1000 in the community on bridging visas.” 
Even today, when all focus would normally have been on the Federal Budget, the emphasis is instead on the swirling scandals around Labor and the fact another two illegal boats have been picked up with 241 people in total on board.

Cristy Houghton