Small business stars in Government procurement stats

ALMOST a third of total Australian Government contracts were won by Australian small businesses in the 2015/16 financial year, AusTender data has confirmed.

Valued at $5.5 billion, Small Business Minister Michael McCormack said the reporting period demonstrates the Coalition’s commitment to encouraging Australian small businesses to apply for Australian Government contracts.

“Government procurement is a key focus of mine as Small Business Minister. I want to help as many Australian small businesses as I can get access to tender information to ensure small businesses are in the driver’s seat of delivering Government goods and services,” Mr McCormack said.

“With 22,883 Government contracts won in FY15/16, small businesses account for more than 33 per cent of Australia’s Government procurement programme by number and more than $5.5 billion in total value.”

Mr McCormack said small business takes a particularly starring role in Government contracts worth up to $5 million.

“In total, of the 10,793 businesses with which the Government contracted up to a value of $5 million, small businesses accounted for more than two thirds.”

Mr McCormack reiterated his commitment to helping make more Australian small businesses aware of tender contracts for which they can apply, and help diversify their business.

“As I meet with small businesses across Australia, I see first-hand how modern and adaptable businesspeople and their employees are a great asset on which we can rely for delivering Government contracts,” Mr McCormack said.

“Through greater awareness of AusTender and the Coalition Government’s commitment to fair and equitable access principles in Government contracts, we can see even more Australians helping deliver the contracts and services we need into the future.”

Cristy Houghton