Labor's out to hurt small business

LABOR has once again showed its true feelings towards the 3.2 million small businesses in Australia openly stating it is happy to take away the tax cuts delivered by the Coalition Government without “even breaking a sweat”.

Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack said Labor has once again openly and unashamedly hit small business in the back pocket in what he described as a pathetic media release by Labor Shadow Ministers Tanya Plibersek and Terri Butler.

“It is very clear Labor does not care about small business or sound economic management,” Mr McCormack said.

“By rolling back tax cuts this will crush business investment and innovation and ultimately it will cost the jobs and livelihoods of working families.

Mr McCormack said this is typical of the Labor Party and its unbridled attacks on small business confidence.

“This is why all businesses including small business shouldn’t trust anything that Labor says,” Mr McCormack said.

“Unlike many in the Labor Party, Liberal and Nationals’ MPs have run small businesses, employed Australians and had a go.”

“This is why we understand it is small business – not Government – which creates jobs and grows our economy. And it’s why we want to make it easier.

“The Government understands red tape, rising energy bills and unfair taxes are big issues for hard-working families – and we are acting to fix these issues to take the pressure off.

“The Liberals and Nationals’ plan backs small businesses to grow, invest and hire more Australians.

“If you want economic uncertainty, tax hikes for small business and fewer jobs, then that is what you will get with Labor which has openly stated it wants to roll-back tax cuts which are currently benefiting all small businesses and our economy.

“Labor’s complete failure to recognise the important role family trusts play in small business is another example which speaks to its complete lack of experience and understanding of not only the 200,000 businesses directly impacted but all small business.

“Only the Liberals and Nationals are backing small business to grow the economy and create local jobs.”

Sam Edwards