Dame Mary Gilmore continues to fit the bill

There is a local road in the Riverina, a suburb in Canberra and even a Federal electorate named after her, now it’s been confirmed that the famous Australian writer and product of the Riverina Dame Mary Gilmore will remain on the $10 note.

The Reserve Bank of Australia recently revealed the new design of the $10 note that will begin passing through wallets, purses and cash registers when it goes into circulation in September this year.

The Nationals’ Member for Riverina and Minister for Small Business was pleased to learn the famous literary talent would continue to be honoured by being featured on the new note which contains innovative security and tactile features.

“Many Australians would know Dame Mary Gilmore spent much of her early years living and working in the Riverina,” Mr McCormack said.

“My family farm where I grew up was located just down the road from where Dame Mary Gilmore attended school at age 7 in Brucedale.

“Given the time Dame Mary Gilmore spent in the Riverina attending small schools as a student and then going on to work in many of them as a teacher, I have no doubt residents of Cootamundra, Illabo, Junee, Wagga Wagga and Yerong Creek would join me in celebrating the Riverina’s connection to one of Australia’s most talented writers.

“It’s important to recognise, pay tribute to and honour those Australians who have contributed positively to the different aspects of our history and culture and I hope her famous pieces of literature will continue to be read, studied and enjoyed by generations to come.

“I’m pleased that the Reserve Bank has agreed to keep Dame Mary Gilmore on the $10 note and I look forward to collecting one of the notes when they come into circulation later this year.”

To view the design for the new note visit: www.banknotes.rba.gov.au/australias-banknotes/next-generation-banknotes-program/ and for further information on the life Dame Mary Gilmore visit: www.banknotes.rba.gov.au/australias-banknotes/people-on-the-banknotes/dame-mary-gilmore/

Cristy Houghton