ANOTHER opinion piece in today’s media highlights the Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Competition and Productivity Dr Andrew Leigh’s lack of understanding of issues and shows yet again he does not know what he is talking about, Small Business Minister Michael McCormack says. 


“So here we are again, another day and another false and misleading opinion piece from the Shadow Minister,” Mr McCormack said.


“It seems the Shadow Minister for Competition and Productivity, Andrew Leigh, is up to his old tricks again today with an opinion piece in The Daily Telegraph about car servicing.


“He claims the Government has broken promises to independent mechanics – we have not.


“As I stated in my media release of 11 November 2016, Wheels fall off Leigh’s Logic, the Turnbull Government has delivered on its commitment to Independently Review access to vehicle servicing data.


“In October 2016, I kept this promise by asking the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the ACCC, to include vehicle servicing and data access in its New Car Market Study.


“This is a vitally important issue to anyone who owns a car, to anyone who owners a small business in the car market and to car dealers of all sizes.


“For the Shadow Minister to deliberately be misleading consumers and industry about this important issue shows just how low Labor will go to smear for their own grubby means at the expense of the truth.


“But benefit of the doubt, maybe it wasn’t deliberate, we know the Shadow Minister has form when it comes to lack of research.


“After his effort in March this year, where he infamously claimed five faceless investors owned large portions of Australian shares – which later had to be embarrassingly corrected by The Sydney Morning Herald because of the article’s flaws – you would think he would do his own research before putting pen to paper.


“It is yet another example of how little the Shadow Minister cares about real issues and real facts.


“As I have said before, maybe it’s time for him to get out of his office and stop writing media releases and opinion pieces and meet with some real people – maybe then he would have an understanding of how the real world works.


“Get real Andrew and stop misleading people,” Mr McCormack said.


You can find out more about the ACCC’s New Car Market Study at

Cristy Houghton