LABOR’S Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen failed to mention small business in national address to the Press Club today confirming Labor just doesn’t get small business says Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack.

“Another day and another Labor MP who neglects to even mention small business,” Mr McCormack said.

“The Shadow Treasurer’s abject failure to acknowledge the hard-working, job-creating small business sector is proof of the Labor Party’s lack of understanding of not only small business but of the sector’s more than $380 billion contribution to the Australian economy.”

The Minister said in “response” to questions put directly to Chris Bowen by the Australian Financial Review and The Australian, the Shadow Minister failed to back small business.

“Given multiple opportunities to confirm whether Labor would keep the Coalition’s tax cuts for small business, the Shadow Treasurer dodged and ducked and weaved – and failed to answer the questions,” Mr McCormack said.

“Labor’s Alternative Treasurer has shown yet again, that the Labor Party wants to increase taxes on small business and kill Australian jobs in the process.”

The Minister said the Government’s small business plan was focused on taking the pressure off, so the sector can have the confidence it needs to grow and create opportunities.

“The Government understands and is backing small business,” Mr McCormack said.

“Through tax cuts, assistance to purchase new equipment, cutting red tape and providing the tools and information small business needs, the Government is taking the pressure off small business to help the sector grow and create local jobs.

“With more room to move, small businesses have the confidence to reinvest in their growth, buy that new equipment, increase staff hours and wages, and create new jobs. That’s why, the Liberal and Nationals Government is backing small business.

“We understand small business because we’ve been there working the long hours and investing every cent in our own small businesses. Labor just doesn’t get it. All Labor wants to do is tax to fund its addiction to spending, hurting small business and Australian jobs in the process.” 


Dom Hopkinson