25 July 2017

THE Smith Family’s Learning For Life sponsorship program that is supporting the education of hundreds of young Wagga Wagga people has been applauded by The Nationals’ Member for Riverina, Michael McCormack.

Learning for Life provides sponsorships that support children throughout their education, including financial assistance for essentials, such as books and uniforms.

“I really commend The Smith Family for what it is doing to provide scholarships for young Wagga Wagga people,” Mr McCormack said.

Mr McCormack praised The Smith Family after visiting its new Wagga Wagga office in Morgan Street.

He noted the support of the community in funding scholarships provided by The Smith Family.

“Already, there have been 540 businesses and other like-minded organisations and individuals who have provided scholarships for young Wagga Wagga people,” Mr McCormack said.

“The hope is to get 600 scholarships.

“It would be delightful to get even more than that, and help young people go from kindergarten right through to Year 12, and even obtain tertiary scholarships.

“This so important, because a good education empowers young people.”

Mr McCormack was earlier shown the work of The Smith Family’s Girls at the Centre program at Mount Austin High School.

The program provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls with positive role models with the aim of building the emotional and academic skills necessary to complete Year 12 and pursue their life goals.

“The Smith Family is to be congratulated for its wonderful work, not just in the welfare sphere, but in providing jobs, hope and opportunity for so many young Wagga Wagga people,” Mr McCormack said.

Dom Hopkinson