THE Nationals’ Riverina MP and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has congratulated Marrar farmer Daniel Fox for winning the Excellence in Innovation Award at the 2018 Australian Farmer of the Year Awards Ceremony.

Mr McCormack met with Mr Fox at Parliament House, where the event was held, to personally commend the 27-year-old farmer.

“This is a significant acknowledgement of a young man from a multi-generational farming family who is looking for modern solutions to help the farm continue to grow and prosper,” Mr McCormack said.

“Mr Fox explained to me how he is challenging traditional farming methods by using stubble cover and no-till techniques to improve soil health and help tackle drought conditions. This has allowed him to focus on biological systems in the soil rather than chemical methods.

“Daniel’s parents, Cathy and David, should be very proud of their son being recognised at such a significant event.

“This award is a fantastic recognition of the hard work the Fox family has done since Daniel’s great-grandfather began working the land just before World War II and I am sure they will continue to look after their land and get the best out of their produce well into the future.”

Mr Fox was nominated for the award by Art4Agriculture Chief Executive Officer Lynne Strong. Art4Agriculture provides school programs to educate and inspire urban and rural students of the important role of farmers and to encourage young people to consider a career in agriculture.

Shane Manning