ANZAC Day in the Riverina and Central West

AUSTRALIA pauses on 25 April each year to remember what our brave servicemen and women have sacrificed for us to live in peace and democracy.

Country towns across the Riverina and Central West lost many of our finest during war campaigns across the globe. Those who still had their whole lives ahead of them were tragically cut down in their prime. They gave their today for our tomorrow – something we should never forget.

ANZAC Day is about sombre reflection of those who died on battlefields thousands of miles from home, far away from family and friends. We also cast our thoughts to those who returned home but carried a heavy burden on their shoulders; not just physical wounds but mental demons which remained behind tortured eyes until their light of life flickered out.

It is Australia’s most important day. We are the lucky country because our servicemen and women paid the ultimate price so we can live in the freedom which is often taken for granted. Our Diggers showed great loyalty and mateship that has become the benchmark for modern Australian defence personnel to follow. 

I urge and encourage everyone in the Riverina and Central West to participate in an ANZAC Day Service – take pause and listen to the moving rendition of the Last Post as it reverberates through the streets. Remember and give thanks for the lives and service others gave.  I look forward to meeting with and thanking many current and former servicemen and women from our defence force for their contribution and service to our nation.

Everyone in the electorate should have received my annual ANZAC Day commemorative booklet. Please read the stories of our heroes, as well as the winning entries from school students who have offered their unique perspective on the Centenary of ANZAC in the Riverina and Central West. The booklet also includes times of ANZAC Day services across the electorate.

May we commit to always remember our brave servicemen and women. 

Lest We Forget.

Michael McCormack MP

Shane Manning