ANOTHER day, another incorrect Labor claim on infrastructure investment.

Fresh from extraordinary claims Labor had ‘locked in’ funding for the Rockhampton and Mackay Ring Roads – despite the Liberal and Nationals’ Government delivering it last year – Labor is out and about again with further misinformation today.

While Bill Shorten and Labor only recently discovered a world outside Brisbane, the Liberal and Nationals’ Government has been investing in making roads safer for almost six years as part of a record, $75 billion infrastructure roll out across Australia.

The facts in Queensland are clear.

The Liberal and Nationals’ Government has committed more than $20 billion since coming to office in 2013 for land transport infrastructure projects across all of Queensland.

While Labor talks about it, the Liberal and Nationals’ Government is investing to bust congestion and get Queenslanders home sooner and safer.

In the 2018/19 Budget alone, an additional $5.16 billion was provided to major projects in Queensland, including funding to take the Liberal and Nationals’ Government’s investment in the Bruce Highway to $10 billion.

That means the roadworks Bill Shorten’s bus tour encountered were brought to Queensland thanks to the Liberal and Nationals’ Government.

We are also investing to build the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing. This is as well as:

·         $390 million for the Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade;

·         $300 million for the Brisbane Metro project;

·         $170 million for the Cunningham Highway – Yamanto to Ebenezer (Amberley Interchange); and

·         $112 million for Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3A in recent announcements alone.

The Liberal and Nationals’ Government has also committed $244.25 million to 13 projects in Queensland under the Urban Congestion Fund.

This represents almost a quarter of total nationwide investment under the fund.

Outside the south east corner, Queensland will also receive a share of the $1.5 billion allocation to Northern Australia from the new $3.5 billion Roads of Strategic Importance initiative, which will upgrade key corridors across Northern Australia.

The Liberal and Nationals’ Government has also announced a further $160 million for the Outback Way, to be shared amongst Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. This commitment brings the Australian Government’s investment in the Outback Way to $330 million.

While Labor talks about infrastructure investment and busting congestion, the Liberal and Nationals’ Government gets the job done in every corner of Queensland.

Shane Manning