TRANSCRIPT: Press conference – Wantabadgery, NSW 14 June 2019


Subjects Opening of new mobile phone tower, Wantabadgery.


Once again the Liberal and Nationals’ Federal Government has delivered – the 550th tower throughout regional Australia, here at Wantabadgery, providing convenience, providing safety, providing business options and providing the sorts of connectivity that people in Wantabadgery deserve. Why shouldn’t people in Wantabadgery, indeed anywhere in regional Australia, have the same sorts of connectivity that people in metropolitan areas take for granted.

This is a fantastic initiative. I congratulate Telstra; I congratulate the property owner, Michael Jones, for having the foresight to have this 550th tower built on his property. The fact is the Wantabadgery people are going to be very delighted. I appreciate there are some who are not covered by this tower; they have provided their own booster services, and we will look at what we can do for them in future. I’ve spoken to local farmer Tony Clough this morning about what we can do for him in the future.

When we build these towers, of course, we do take geography into account. I appreciate that Telstra had an independent analysis done to make sure that the tower was in the best possible location to get the best possible coverage. So that’s important.

But on a wider note, we have invested even more millions of dollars leading up to the federal election in another round, yet another round, of building these mobile phone towers. I acknowledge, too, the Liberal and Nationals’ State Coalition Government, recently re-elected in March – they have also made a pledge to make NSW black spot-free by about 2023.

So together, the Liberal and Nationals Federal and State Governments are getting on board with making sure that regional areas have the right connectivity, the connectivity they have wanted for many many years, they have deserved for many many years – and now they are getting it.


(inaudible)…next round of funding?


Indeed, we have another round of funding open now and people will be able to apply; people will be able to look at what they can do to make sure that their area gets serviced by future mobile phone towers in these black spots, appreciating that across the Riverina there are some black spots. I acknowledge that. So I would advise people to get in touch with either my Parkes or Wagga Wagga offices, put their case forward and we will see what we can do. Of course the NSW Government has also come on board with that pledge leading up to the March election.

Very good. Thank you very much.

Shane Manning