Increased school funding secured

26 June 2017 

A landmark reform and a massive win for regional education is how the Nationals’ MP Michael McCormack has described the news that the Liberals and Nationals in Government have delivered the most significant change to school funding after Gonski 2.0 passed through the Parliament early last Friday morning.

 “I am incredibly proud to be a member of the Government which has delivered this landmark reform. Reform which I know will be welcomed by students, parents and teachers across the 128 schools in the Riverina and Central West,” Mr McCormack said. 

“The passage of legislation allows the Government to deliver real, transparent, needs-based funding securing an extra $23.5 billion for Australian schools and students, who need the most support, will get that support. 

“The new consistent funding model removes the inequities and 27 special deals the previous Labor Government stitched up which distorted needs-based funding. 

“I know during the debate over recent weeks there was noise from some elements in the community, including various education unions and lobby groups spreading mistruths. This is real money, record investment being allocated to education and I am confident everyone will see that this model which we have delivered is a better model and one which will provide better outcomes and certainty of funding going forward.   

“I want to congratulate my parliamentary colleague Minister Simon Birmingham for his tenacity and commitment to delivering this momentous reform. Minister Birmingham’s steadfastness in negotiating and navigating this legislation is to be commended.  

“The schools, parents and teachers of the Riverina and Central West are the real winners in this and I look forward to seeing increased and fair funding delivered over the coming years.”

Dom Hopkinson